#365 My Photo A Day

Another week complete of photo a day and another week of #FMSPhotoADay and which if I'm honest is starting to drive me potty but I will finish it. Fave Food

My Fave Food is home grown potatoes especially as it's always an activity that me and Aly do together.


Is it me or am I going a little GREY

I Drew This

I Drew This...well technically Aly did, she loves her drawing and writing.

D is for...

D is for Daddy. Me and Mia had some rare bonding time when Aly was at school and Mummy was out and we both loved it.


The Mia bus has hit the GROUND

The Everyday

The Everyday...would be boring without my Mia

Black and White

This is the wedding car for the family wedding we attended.

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