5 Great Instagram Accounts to Follow

Everyone will know that I love Instagram and it's easily my favourite social media platform. I tend to share a couple of photos a day and I enjoy looking at everyone else's photos and could quite happily lose myself for a couple of hours. 

There are many accounts that I really enjoy but I wanted to show you these five accounts that I think everyone should follow, it'll make your stream a lot more enjoyable. 


Garden whites #capturingcolour #arrangement #gatheredstyle #dscollections

A photo posted by Capture by Lucy (@capturebylucy) on

Lucy's stream is a collection of beautiful floral photos, stunning scenery and all round loveliness. When I first go on to Instagram this is one of the first accounts I head to first. 


Plant shop mooching 🌿

A photo posted by Annie Spratt (@anniespratt) on

Annie's photo stream is full of beautiful garden scenes, photos that make you wish you were outside enjoying the fresh air. 


Hello Tuesday! Have an amazing day. xo

A photo posted by Emily Quinton (@emilyquinton) on

No one creates beautiful floral photos like Emily. Having a bad day or feeling down? Head straight to her Instagram account and it will cheer you up straight away. Full of joy and colour. 


A sunny shot from yesterday's May Fayre! Wishing you all a lovely day ☀️#lewesmap

A photo posted by Dörte Januszewski (@lewesmap) on

This account is one of my real favourites, it might be because the photos are all from my local area. The photos are so stunning, from local scenes to beautiful simple photos that just make you say wow. 


What an incredible view @markwarnerholidays #travel

A photo posted by Charly Dove (@podcastdove) on

If you want photos of the great outdoors then this account is for you. Features stunning flowers, beautiful days out and amazing black & white photos...thinking about it I don't ever remember an indoor photo. 

These are the 5 accounts that I think are must follows and people I look to for inspiration.

Which accounts are you in love with?