50 Things to do Before You're 11 3/4

Some of you may have seen the National Trust have launched a new campaign called '50 things to do before you're 11 3/4' which as it sounds is a list of things that children should try before they reach the age of 11 3/4. I first found out about this from TheBoyAndMe and she currently has a linky open over here of The Boy's journey and how he's getting along.

If you've not seen the list well here it is

Adventurer Discovery Ranger
1. Climb a Tree 11. Go on a Really Long Bike Ride 21. Pick Blackberries Growing in the Wild
2. Roll Down a Really Big Hill 12. Make a Trail with Sticks 22. Explore inside a Tree
3. Camp Out in the Wild 13 . Make a Mud Pie 23. Visit a Farm
4. Build a Den 14. Dam a Stream 24. Go on a Walk Barefoot
5. Skim a Stone 15. Play in the Snow 25. Make a Grass Trumpet
6. Run Around in the Rain 16. Make a Daisy Chain 26. Hunt for Fossils and Bones
7. Fly a Kite 17. Set up a Snail Race 27. Go Star Gazing
8. Catch a Fish with a Net 18. Create some Wild Art 28. Climb a Huge Hill
9. Eat an Apple Straight from a Tree 19. Play Pooh Sticks 29. Explore a Cave
10. Play Conkers 20. Jump Over Waves 30. Hold a Scary Beast
Tracker Explorer
31. Hunt for Bugs 41. Plant it, Grow it, Eat it
32. Find Some Frogspawn 42. Go Swimming in the Sea
33. Catch a Falling Leaf 43. Build a Raft
34. Track Wild Animals 44. Go Bird Watching
35. Discover what's in a Pond 45. Find your way with a Map and Compass
36. Make a Home for a Wild Animal 46. Try Rock Climbing
37. Check out the Crazy Creatures in a Rockpool 47. Cook on a Campfire
38. Bring up a Butterfly 48. Learn to Ride a Horse
39. Catch a Crab 49. Find a Geocache
40. Go on a Nature Walk at Night 50. Canoe down a River

The girls have already completed a few of these but the aim is to do all of them again and this time document them fingers crossed before they reach the age of 11 3/4.