6 Spectacular Ways To Protect, Display and Share Your Images

As a keen photographer you are always looking for new ways to keep your passion alive. Whether you take crisp, clean images as a full time job or you enjoy picking up a camera on the side, there are so many reasons to embark on the joys of photography. You will know better than anyone that heading outside and capturing the stunning beauty of nature cannot be topped. Whether you’re clicking a stunning image of all the colours of spring or a sunset in the countryside, taking photographs never becomes tiresome. When you spend so much time capturing and editing your images, you want to make sure that they are protected, shared and displayed safely for your enjoyment. Every photographer will have different views about what they want to do with their images, but there are a handful of options for you to explore.

The most important thing is that you are doing what you love when it comes to photography. Stick with your methods and only share your images if you feel completely comfortable doing so. The following ideas might just inspire you do something a little different with your next batch of photographs.


1.Create Perfect Prints

Once you have managed to snap that perfect picture, there is nothing better than getting it printed and framed. If you are super keen to grab a hard copy of you images there are a number of local printers that will create your photographs on the same day. All you need is a USB, memory card or email copy of the image and you could have a stunning canvas or print in just a few hours.

2. Scrapbook the Special Moments

If you have recently photographed a momentous occasion, you might want to create a scrapbook as a keepsake. This is the ideal method if you have been using a Polaroid or you have taken a whole bunch of photos at a wedding or birthday. You don’t have to be overly creative to build a smart scrapbook of memories; a lot of the kits out there are relatively easy to get started with.

3. Give Them Away as Gifts

Who wouldn’t love to receive you perfect photographs as a special gift? Photos are one of the most personal presents you can give, whether it’s a candid portrait of themselves or a stunning landscape they would appreciate. Get it framed beautifully and you will have a gorgeous gift that is ready to be adored.


4. Start a Blog

Blogs are an excellent platform to share your photographs to other like minded people. Not only can you share your work with others, but you will also have a digital diary of all the images you have captured over the years. Talk about each image and the meaning behind it, but remember that the world will now be able to view your personal pictures. Keeping them protected is important, especially if you are an aspiring professional. The methods below will help you to keep them safe and secure if you do start an online photography platform.

5. Add a Watermark

Sharing your photos online is something most photographers like doing, but you need to know how to keep them safe. When you publish an image online there is always a risk that somebody else is doing to use them without your permission. Not surprisingly, copyright infringement is illegal. So if somebody does take your photograph without consent, they could be punished through the legal system. It is quite a lengthy and time consuming process that you probably won’t want to pursue, so the best thing to do is protect your images.

Preventing copyright infringement from happening is much easier than fixing it, so there are a couple of things you can do to keep your photos safe.

Adding a watermark, such as text or a logo is one of the most effective ways to put your mark of ownership onto a piece of work. When all of your photos are placed online other people will know that you took the image as it will have your personal mark on it. Place the watermark in a clever place so that it cannot be cropped out of the image too!

6. Don’t Share Them in High Resolution

If you are thinking about starting a blog or a website to display your images, you might want to steer clear of uploading high resolution files on the internet. Even if you are an amateur photographer who isn’t too fussed about copyrighting issues, somebody could get their hands on your beautiful image and pass it off as their own. Proving yourself to be the original photographer is very important (or at least it might be in the future). If somebody else is using the same file as you, it might be difficult to show that it is actually your work.

As a general rule you should try not to upload any images at more than 1600px. This is plenty to give viewers a good overview of the image you have taken, but it isn’t sharp enough for printing and sharing between others. There are excellent websites such as Zenfolio where you can upload your high resolution image and they will display a lower one for you. This is a really useful tool that many photographers favour in the online world.

Take Home Message

Here you will see that there are a whole host of things you can do as a photographer. If you are a professional you might take the copyrighting aspects more seriously. However, if you snap pictures in your spare time you might want to share all of your images online via a blog. Every photographer is unique so go with your instincts and choose the options that suit you. Capturing stunning images, keeping them safe, printing them or sharing them on an online platform are all wonderful ways to enhance your passions even further. As long as you are finding new techniques to keep your skills alive and fresh, you will always be a well rounded and enthusiastic photographer.