How I got this Photo | Lensball Lake Windermere

I've had a lensball for a while but never really used it before. I didn't want to just take a photo with me holding it in front of the subject, it seems like everyone is taking a photo like that. 

I must admit I did take a photo like that when I first got it and it received a lot of likes on Instagram but I wanted to step away from that. 

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Why I Don’t Use Watermarks

Watermarks get In the way of the Image

This topic divides many people and many people are going to disagree with me. Many photographers tell you that you must protect your work and this makes beginners into believing this. Everyone is free to make the decisions on their own...for what works for them. 

As you might be aware, I upload a wide selection of photos to Unsplash. This means people are free to use these photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes. They don't have to credit but it's always nice if they do. Not all photos get loaded here but a fair percentage do. 

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AI Photo Editing using Photolemur

I often get sent new bits of software and most I just dismiss. I'm happy using Lightroom, Aurora and Luminar and between them, they do exactly what I want. 

The other day I was asked if I wanted to try a new piece of software that uses AI to edit the photo so that you don't have to do anything. The exposure, colours, etc are all sorted for you. You load a photo and the software does everything for you. 

This is called PhotoLemur and I think you'll like it. 

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