#MySundayPhoto - Bluebells

I seem to have spent all week sharing photos of bluebells, this is the perfect time to capture them and they aren't around for long. 

Have a great Sunday, I look forward to seeing all the photos. I will comment over the next few days. 

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Sony A9, Handmade 90mm Lens & Instagram Users | Photalife Friday Round Up

Back once again with a roundup of some of the photo news, you might have missed from the past week. 

Sony A9, Handmade 90mm Lens & Instagram Users | Photalife Friday Round Up

Sony Announces the A9

A new flagship model from Sony, this is the A9 and it's meant to be the best of the best. It's a full-frame E mount camera that really packs a punch. A high-speed 20 FPS, with 693 Auto Focus Points, 5 Axis in camera stabilisation and 4K full frame readout video.

All of this comes at a price and for this it's a cool £4,500. To find out more visit the Sony website. 

Handmade 90mm f/2.8 Lens

Photographer Mats Wernersson has built his own 90mm f/2.8 lens from scratch. Pretty much every part was handmade apart from the mount and aperture blades. Have a watch of the video to see how he did it and the sample images. I was mighty impressed with the quality of photos, I couldn't see how much he spent making it but it was a lot cheaper than buying one. 

Instagram Hits 700m Users

Instagram is growing, and not at a slow rate. The photo-sharing site has just passed 700m users and by the end of 2017 will possibly have hit 1 billion. 

New features like stories, live, multiple posts it is growing faster than every. You can read more on the Instagram Blog.