#MySundayPhoto - Smooth West Pier

On Friday I was in Brighton early morning and gave me the chance to take a photo of the West Pier. I wanted to try a longer exposure to smooth out the water and see what it would look like. 

This was taken using a Nikon D610, tripod, 10 stop ND filter and a 20-second exposure. 

I quite like the way it's come out. 

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Lights, Camera, Action! How To Shoot Sports

Being a snap happy individual, there’s no doubt that you have your trusty DSLR on your back wherever you go. You might even pack a spare lens or two, some filters, your tripod and a backup battery in your Lowepro backpack. Any opportunity that arises for a great shot or two and you're there. Whether street photography, landscape shots or portraiture is your thing, you can always try your hand at something new.

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