A Day Out at Bodiam Castle

For quite a while Aly has been wanting to visit a castle, after not getting the chance to visit one down in Cornwall we made sure that the first weekend back we headed over to Bodiam Castle which is about 40 minutes away from us. This also gave us the opportunity to use our new National Trust Membership. 

I hadn't been to Bodiam for years and years at a guess when I was in Primary School some 25 years ago or more. I'd forgotten just how beautiful this medieval castle was. 

One of Britain’s most picturesque and evocative castles.

The castle was built in 1385 by Sir Edwards Dallingridge, a soldier of fortune. Debate continues to this day as to whether he built the castle to defend the surrounding countryside or simply to show off his power and wealth.

Walking up the castle it stands proud and you can imagine feeling intimidated if you planned on attacking it. It's still in really good condition and you get a real sense of how grand it used to be.  You're able to climb the spiral staircases up to the towers and look at the stunning views. 

Aly had a lot of fun learning about the castle especially as they'd been learning about them at school and she found it funny when we came across the hole in the bit of wood...also know as their toilet. While walking around the castle we came to the video room which when through the history of the castle and I've never know her sit so still. 

Around the castle there's lots of photo opportunities  so of course I took the chance and had a little wonder round while snapping away. The girls enjoyed exploring and found an old well which they made a wish and threw a couple of coins into. 

Surrounding the castle is a beautiful area to enjoy a family picnic which of course we did. We also managed to survive not getting attacked by the ninja ducks. It was a brilliant day out and it's well worth a visit.