A Day Out at LegoLand Windsor

For ages the girls have been asking if we could go to LegoLand and I promised them that at some point this Summer we would. Before Mia was born we took Aly but that was about 5 years ago. 

So last weekend we kept our promise and headed off on the Saturday morning, turns out it's only about an hour and a half away from us...I always thought it was further. 

On the day that we went the park opened at 10am and we arrived at about 9.45 and the car park was getting pretty full so check what time the park opens and get there early, you'll also be better trying to book tickets so all you have to do is collect them. 

The day we went it was a beautiful sunny day and the girls were very excited and have been for the past month or so. The first thing you get greeted with is the main shops which we managed to tell them that we'll visit those at the end. 

Now I like a plan so we don't miss anything and after studying the map so I know where everything is we first headed to the hill train to break us in gently. This brought us to the first area with was MiniLand. 

MiniLand is just as it sounds lots of towns, cities and countries made up of Lego. Famous landmarks from around the World are perfectly created and reproduced. Every little detail has been thought of from the moving boats to the Royal family at Buckingham Palace announcing the new baby. 

We then headed on to Duplo Valley which has lots of rides for younger children. Our favourite ride was the Fairy Tale Brook which is a calm boat ride through different fairy tales where was you'd expect everyone is made out of Lego. 

If you plan on going when it's hot take swimwear for the children so they can cool of in Drench Towers which was busy on the day we visited. 

We then headed to Aly's favourite area which was Lego City. 

This was the busiest of all the different parts which is unsurprising considering it has the l-Drivers, Lego City Driving School and our favourite Coastguard HQ. The Coastguard HQ ride is a boat ride which you drive and steer yourself. It's quite a peaceful ride and really enjoyable to give you a few minutes out and it feels like it's a private part of the park. 

As lunch was approaching he headed to Baguette Bar which is the perfect place for lunch and was the coolest part of the park and it wasn't too busy and we easily found a picnic bench to enjoy our lunch. 

Now was time for what the girls really wanted to see, the new Heartlake City area with everything from Lego Friends. 

This zone is all set around the Heartlake Harbour Arena where they put on various shows during the course of the day and I'd advise  getting there early as it gets very busy. Dotted around the area are all the Lego Friends so these make perfect photo opportunities. 

There is also a new rides and activities such as Olivia's House, Heartlake News Van and Heartlake Shopping Mall where our girls bought a couple of new pieces for their collection. After a pit stop for ice cream we had a walk past the lake and the impressive looking Legoland Hotel. 

This lead us to Adventure Land where we went on Dino Safari which me and Mia loved and she was giggling the whole time and this was just next to Atlantis Submarine Voyage which was a really good ride and as a bonus they have a ice cream and drink stand in the queue which was perfect and helped cool us down a little. 

The ride itself was great sun and as you expect you sit in a submarine and get to see various different fish and sharks and the girls loved getting close to them. 

After the ride we made our way over to Castaway Camp so the girls could run around and use up some more energy. All that was left was a visit to the shops at the beginning and to spend their money which they seemed to go pretty quickly. 

And just as we got to the gates they got to have their photo taken with Emmet

The girls had the most amazing time and it's a place we would visit again in a few years when Mia is a little bit older or taller. For more details or to book tickets head over to the LegoLand website

We were given tickets for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.