A Day Out at Welsh Mountain Zoo


Location: Colwyn Bay, Conwy, North Wales, LL28 5UY

Hours: From 9:30 am every day except Christmas Day

Price: Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children) - £40

On route to our weeks stay in North Wales we planned a stop off at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, this was midway between Stoke-on-Trent and our hotel. 

As the name suggests this is high up in the mountains that surround Colwyn Bay and to get there you do feel like you are driving into the clouds. Narrow roads take you to the entrance gate and before you park up you have to pay the entrance fee to the staff in the wooden huts. Parking is free and plenty of it. 

We paid the family ticket price of £40, there are different prices like Under 3s go free, over 60s get a discount. It's worth checking the website before arriving. 

One of the views from Welsh Mountain Zoo

The zoo seems well-set out and during our time there we never felt closed in and it never felt too busy even though the car park was full. It's not the biggest of zoos but the range of animals is pretty incredible, from bears to alligators, meerkats to lemurs.

There is also a couple of play areas to keep the children entertained after lunch.

Walking between the enclosures the animals all seemed to have a fair amount of space and looked happy. Unfortunately I never get good animals photos shooting through the cages.    

One of the real features is the lemur enclosure, you can walk into the area and get right up close to them. They seem pretty tame and are happy to pose for selfies. If this was London Zoo you'd have crowds of people but we were in there on our own and seem to be allowed as much time as we wanted...of course we had to take photos. 

You're allowed to take picnics to the zoo and they do have a couple of small restaurants and they are quite small so they get busy. We ate at the Penguin Cafe which over looks one of the greens where they were putting on a bird of prey display. In the cafe, they did simple sandwiches and cakes and I seem to remember a couple of hot things like chips and hot dog. 

With the zoo being up in the mountains the views are stunning over the Irish sea and as we visited on a sunny day we could see for miles and I managed to capture a couple of lovely photographs. 

Our overall impression of the Welsh Mountain Zoo was that it was a brilliant day out and one everyone could enjoy. There was plenty to do for the whole day, the gift shop had a good selection of the usual bits and pieces such as soft toys and sweets. 

The one thing possibly lacking was a couple of ice cream stands but there is a chance that we missed them when walking around. They have such a wide variety from spiders to deer, plus beautiful flower areas. 

For the latest news and prices please visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo website