A Family Day Out at Porfell Wildlife Park

Whenever we go away for family breaks we enjoying heading off to somewhere a little off the beaten track. The common places are fine but we also like to venture somewhere where the crowds aren't. While away in Cornwall we wanted somewhere like this, we've been to Eden Project, ventured to Newquay so this time we had a little look round and came across a place called Porfell Wildlife Park which in between Bodmin and Looe.

2015-03-30 13.14.37

Now to get there it's down a single track and on arrival we found just a handful of cars in the car park so we had a feeling his wouldn't be busy. The leaflet sold it to us with tales of rescued animals from farm animals to exotic ones so we hoped for a good time.

2015-03-30 12.00.02

The park has been open since 1989 and is a fair size with the animals pretty spread out and plenty to see. We found all sorts of animals and while walking around a friendly keeper asked if we wanted to help with the feeding of the marmosets including the new born babies.

2015-03-30 12.05.20

On our way round we hardly saw anyone else which allowed us time to enjoy the animals and get up close with them. A favourite with us are the meerkats and they had a few different enclosures of them. Keep your eyes open to spot the zebras and ostriches which are part of the Maasai village adventure.

2015-03-30 12.24.50

The girls are at that age now where they seem to enjoy getting up close with the various animals...well apart from the peacocks which Aly isn't a fan of especially when they show off their feathers to her.

2015-03-30 20.29.57

If you happen to be staying in and around Cornwall and fancy something away from the usual then we'd recommend a trip to Porfell Wildlife Park.

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