A Misty Sussex Morning

This time of year gives us a whole range of weather to capture and enjoy. I don’t believe you’ll find a better time of year to grab yourself an amazing sunrise or sunset. The bonus of sunsets during late September and October is that they’re at a reasonable time.

I wrote a post the other day about Searching for Autumn and showed some of the beautiful rustic colours you could find.

Those photos were taken on a beautiful sunny morning but just a few days later we were greeted with something even better…a misty morning.

I wanted to try and capture this misty morning and set out to a local woodland that I thought would be the perfect location. I had a feeling that early in the morning it would be completely quiet and I wasn’t wrong.

With Autumn in the air there was also the possibility that the paths would have a splash of colour from the fallen leaves. Everything seemed to be falling into place and with my camera in hand I entered into the woodland.

One of the beautiful things about this woodland is the fact that it offers so much. It has the woodland paths, the different trees to enjoy and also sat in the middle of it all is a glorious pond with waterlilies floating.

I thought the lake would make for an interesting subject with the misty trees in the background.

In an ideal World I would have had my tripod with me so I could have slowed the shutterspeed down without the fear of a slightly blurred image.

In the whole I’m pretty happy with my Misty Sussex Morning collection of photos.