A Yummy Healthier Lunchtime

For the most part of the day I am in front of a computer, working away in my office. When you’re busy which I am for the most part time goes so quickly and before you know it lunch time has passed.

This can often mean lunch is a crisp sandwich or something unhealthy. Recently I have made it my aim to improve the lunches I have and make them tasty.

Kabuto Noodles, are a range of really nice premium instant noodles that are free from preservatives and are also really low in salt, fat and calories.

The range features varieties like Chicken Laksa, Miso Ramen and Thai Green Chicken Curry and contain as little as 266 calories, 1g salt and 3.6g fat.

They are all about providing a healthy and convenient meal that actually fills you up and giving you time to do the things you want. These are the perfect solution for me, they are quick to prepare and are amazingly yummy. Kabuto’s range of Asian favourites contain high quality ingredients.

The range includes 4 gluten free recipes and are made up of two rice noodle recipes. The Chicken Pho is a light rice noodle dish inspired by the fragrant Chicken Pho noodle soups of Vietnam, and Vegetable Laksa dish is a light rice noodle dish inspired by the warm coconut laksa dishes of Malaysia with coconut, chilli, peppers and sweetcorn.

Ther is also two instant rice pots Thai Green Chicken Curry is a deliciously fragrant Thai green curry with rice, coconut, chicken and coriander and the Thai Red Vegetable Curry is a deliciously fragrant Thai red curry with rice, coconut, sweetcorn and peppers.

It’s ok to say these things but if the taste isn’t very good then it’s kind of pointless. We had the opportunity to try them out and they got a big thumbs up from us. 3 days of the week Laura needs to have a quick lunch before she has to go to work at lunchtime. Simple to make and very tasty was the way she described them.

We found these to be ideal when you need something to warm you up at lunchtime and I’d imagine if you’re camping or travelling around then these would be perfect.

If you’re looking for something different for lunch then I’d recommend trying these out.

Kabuto Noodles can be found in: Tesco, ASDA, Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Co-Operative, Booths, Budgens, Amazon, Wholefoods and have an RRP of £2.