Almost Time to Start Gardening

Yes yes I know the weather is still shocking but look on the bright side it will soon be spring and time to get out into the garden and have a good tidy up and start planting.

If your garden is anything like mine then the wind and rain seems to have completely destroyed everything. So far we’ve replaced one fence panel but we also seem to have created a new water feature which is erm nice I guess.

Since we’ve been together me and Mrs OD3G have lived in 4 different houses each with very different gardens. The first house was a small starter home where the garden was about 1 metre by 1 metre in size so to cut the grass really wasn’t a massive problem. After that we moved to a first floor apartment which meant we had no garden so we didn’t have to do anything.

The next house and our first family home had quite a large garden so this was the time we bought our first lawn mower and it was good to finally have some garden even if all we had was grass. After a while we expanded into a bigger house when Mia was due to arrive.


This house have a much better garden as it was enclosed and it allowed us to really enjoy the garden. We created a vegetable patch so we could grow our own stuff and it also meant the girls could help out in the garden which they seemed to love. The new problem was hedges so I bought a hedgetrimmer from Argos and off I went trimming everything in sight.

If only we could get some dry weather we might actually be able to get back out in the garden and enjoy it. Towards the end of the summer we laid a new patio area with tables and chairs and we haven’t actually been able to use it as it seems to have rained since that very moment.

Roll on spring.

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