Alone with The West Pier - #MySundayPhoto

I’ve taken so many photos of the West Pier but there are two photos, bucket shots if you will that I want to take. The first one is the West Pier with a completely white beach from the snow, next time it snows I’m heading straight down there.

The second is this one that I’m showing today. A completely empty photo just with the pier almost hovering in the water. This was taken with a long exposure and hardly a wave in the sea.

It’s not completely perfect but not far out. I’ve edited this a few times and I think I’m happy with this edit. A slight reflection in the water and very little detail in the sky.

For me, it gives a peaceful calm feel, almost like you’re alone with the pier when in reality it’s never quiet there.

So, #MySundayPhoto is back…well sort of.

The plan is to run it on the last Sunday of the month. I’m going to be strict with the posts linked up in the hope it will make it more enjoyable for everyone. Posts that are obviously just linked up and then that person runs off will be deleted.

It has always been such a friendly and welcoming place and 99% of people understand that.


Hope you all have a good Sunday and I look forward to seeing all photos. 

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