An Update to the Girl's Bedroom.


At the beginning on the year we were very proud to have been announced as part of the testing team for Great Little Trading Co. For those that aren't aware GLTC make amazing items for children such as bedroom furniture, toys, room accessories and lots more. 

My girls are completely different from each other. Aly is not a pink and fluffy girl, she doesn't wear dresses and that's what makes her awesome. Mia on the other hand is a pink girly. She'll nearly always be found in skirts or dresses with her blonde curly hair in bunches. 

When it comes to their bedrooms again they are completely different so we wanted to pick a couple of items that went with their decor. Aly has the biggest room and it was decorated last Summer and she picked what she wanted. This has resulted in light blue walls with camper van curtains and furnishings. 

As Aly is growing and getting older her room is growing with her and as she now has a desk to do her work at we thought that the Pin It Up Notice Board would be a great way for her to stay organised. We also finished this off with Sorbet Fabric Bunting which went well with her blue walls. 

The pin board is very sturdy and just simply needs two screws to fix it to the wall. Unlike a regular pin board this has a shelf on the bottom which Aly has been using for her pens and stationery. 

Mia has a small little box room so we didn't want to go for anything that enclosed the room even more. The walls are already a light pink but we thought it would be nice to add a little feature into the room. We mentioned this to GLTC and they suggested that they had a new wallpaper coming out called Sprinkles wallpaper. 

We kept this as a surprise from her and from the moment she saw it she loved it. Straightaway she recognised that it was sprinkles from an ice cream. For her room it's perfect as it adds a splash of colour without being too overpowering. 

If you're looking for furnishings, toys or anything else head over to GLTC and see their full range. 

We were sent these products as part of our role with GLTC, all thoughts and opinions are our own.