Aurora HDR 2019 First Look

Ooo I've been waiting for this moment, this is the brand new Aurora HDR 2019. Let me make this clear, Aurora HDR is by far the best piece of software for creating HDR photos. If you want to take HDR photos you can read my full HDR Tutorial here

A few things have changed on this version such as:

  • New Quantum HDR Engine

  • LUTs support with 11 New Integrated LUTs

  • Photoshop plugins support

  • New HDR Smart Structure filter for realistic and artefact-free structure 

  • Presets are now called ‘Looks’

  • Improved Adjustable Gradient filter with new sliders for Shadows and Highlights added

  • Improved HDR Details Boost Effect (the photo is shown in high-resolution while fine-tuning the filter)

It's a much faster and easier process. The results produced over the different versions have always come out well but this year they just seem smoother. 

Aurora HDR 2019 First Look

I'll start at the beginning as if you've never heard of Aurora HDR. The real gem of this software is the ease with which it can merge multiple exposures into one 'HDR' photo. The idea with HDR photos is that you take 3 photos all at different exposures. So one will be underexposed, one overexposed and one with perfect exposure. This allows you to grab details from each part and really bring the photo to life.  

Although this is often the typical and traditional way to creating HDR photos you can use a single photo. In fact you can use a single JPEG although RAW files work better. The first photo I used was a single RAW file.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.19.29.png

You can see the before photo was lifeless and the sky had nothing about it. The finished photo was a wow without being over the top, it brings it back to life and takes be back to the moment I took the photo. The way I tend to approach my editing is I find a Look (previously preset) which are sorted into categories, and I will then tweak the sliders to suit.

You can of course find a Look and stick with that or create a few of your own and name them as you wish. The sliders down the right are as you’d expect from most other photography editing software. They feel natural and even of the first attempt at using Aurora you can easily find your way around.

I’ll be creating more videos over the coming weeks as I really get to grips with it. This below is the first photo I edited using it.

If you have any questions about the software or you’d like me to show you something in a video then drop me a comment below.

You can pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 here.