An Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk in Sussex I'm saying Autumn has arrived...ok the sun may still be out but the morning and evening is a little chilly now and I've seen lots of people posting photos of conkers and even some people with their fires on.

So this week we've been going for Autumn walks in our nearby woods to see what we could find. The area we tend to walk in is well signed so we get to follow a trail without getting lost.

Country Trails

You could see Autumn had arrived with the carpet of fallen leaves and of course you can't resist running and kicking the leaves up. The plan was to try and find a mountain of conkers to teach the girls the art of playing conkers but all we found was lots of these prickly guys.


The girls had never seen these before and wondered what was inside so we opened one up to take a closer look. They didn't know what to expect.


They didn't seem so impressed and they were both hoping for fully grown conkers, we'll have to take a look another day. Other signs we've spotted this is the fact there seems to be very few blackberries left compared to the last time we went for a walk.


We love the Summer but prefer Autumn. Everything seems to look a bit better and you get to wear snuggly jumpers. Oh and I think the trees look a little better with a hint of brown.