Bank Holiday at Chessington

As it was a Bank Holiday Monday and we all actually had the day off together we decided to go on a little outing to Chessington. I haven't been to Chessington for about 20 years or so, so really didn't know what to expect. Some people said he was good others said it was a waste of money.

With it being Bank Holiday we decided to book the tickets on line which probably wasn't the cheapest way of doing it but it would save queuing which is always a bonus. When we arrived it wasn't exactly packed and I'm guessing the weather didn't help (even though it stayed dry).

The main thing we went for was to see the animals and go on a few children's rides, we first headed off to the Children's Zoo where the girls walked into the petting part and spoke with the keeper and got to feed the animals as it was so quiet.


Mia tried to play with the goat but the goat wasn't having any of that and decided it would be better to hide from her.


We didn't pay much attention to what shows were on and at what time so it was a pleasant surprise when we arrived at the outdoor stage about 5 mins before a Live Madagascar show was starting. Mia and Aly loved this and was singing and dancing around to the songs and laughing which is always a good sign.


There was a few rides that they could go on and the queues weren't that long as I'm guessing most people went for the bigger rides and left us to it. The longest queue was for Tiny Truckers in which I waited for 80mins!!! I could understand if it was for one of the main rides like Rameses Revenge or Dragon's Fury but this really wasn't worth the wait, 15mins would have been too much.

We had lunch at the Market Square Pizza Pasta which was good value, it was £25 for the four of us and it was an all you can eat buffet including drinks which I felt was good as normally you'd be expecting to pay £40+.

We of course had to go on the Safari Skyway which the girls enjoyed being up high and waving to the people below. We then had a little walk around the animals and we managed to spot most of them and then we had to make our way to see the Zebras (Aly's favourite animal)

It was a very good day for us and we enjoyed the visit. It wasn't too busy which always helps but it was quite expensive but as we hardly get to go out it was worth the money. For the 4 of us it was £60 including parking. I'm sure you could use 2 for 1 but then if you don't get there early you run the risk of queuing for an hour or so.


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