Beautiful Snow Filled Photography

Let's recap, the UK was pretty much covered in snow for nearly a week. Everyone seems to have seen at least a dusting, in the South we had a fair amount from Monday night to Thursday with it being washed away over the weekend. 

As a photographer, this gave me the first real opportunity of taking some photos where the focus is snow, the aim is to capture snow photos that blow you away. 

The thing with snow photography is that the more untouched the snow the better. Unfortunately, this means getting out there early and trying to have a plan on what you want to shoot. 

I knew where I wanted to go, the local woods which I used in many photos but never looking like this, what follows is a couple of photos that I captured and I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. 

All of this photos were taken with the Pixel 2, so far this phone has never let me down and once again it performed as I wanted. 

A few tips for taking photos in the snow for the next time. 

  • Try and shoot in RAW, this will allow you to edit easier afterwards. If will give you more room to change the exposure and temperature of the photos. 
  • Over-expose the photo. The cameras built-in meter mode will, in fact, pick a mid-grey which is fine for most occasions but not when you want pure white snow. By over-exposing you snow will come out more white. 
  • Keep an eye on the white balance, the snow can often read blue to the camera this is something that can be easily fixed in editing but just keep an eye on it. 
  • Look at your composition, ideally, a scene with no footprints would be perfect. Also, try to add a splash of colour to the scene. The brown of the bark or a person walking away from the camera with a bright coat. 

This final photo was taken using my Nikon D610, and is possibly my favourite of all of them.