Becoming a Skylum Software Brand Ambassador


There are a few things you need to have as a photographer. Yes, you could just take a photo using your phone and post it online and be happy with it, there is nothing wrong with this at all. I like to use my DSLR 90% of the time and also shoot in RAW, this means the files come out of the camera flat and you’ll need to edit ‘develop’ the photo to bring it to life.

I won’t go into an edit vs unedited debate, photography is all about being individual and if we all agreed and created the same photos it would be very boring.

My photography software of choice comes from Skylum, since the release of Aurora HDR, I’ve been using that for all my bracketed images and HDR images and then when Skylum released Luminar a few years back I jumped on board. For my day to day editing these two are what I use.

Both of these can be used as a Lightroom plugin but I use them both as standalone. For a comparison, Luminar is as close to Lightroom as you can get and if you’ve used that previously then the change over can be quite simple and easy to jump into.

Luminar has updated massively over the past year or so and they’ve developed tools such as libraries, albums, Accent AI Filter, AI Sky Enhancer and so much more. I’ve been recommending it for ages and I’d only do that if I was confident that people would enjoy using it.

Out of the blue, the opportunity of becoming a Skylum Software Brand Ambassador presented itself and I jumped at the chance, the ability to work closely with a company that I love and have them support me in future on and offline events is huge.

I’m very keen to share news and updates on this blog but it won’t turn into an advertising billboard but you might notice an affiliate link or small banner on some blog posts. I will only share information that I like you’ll enjoy and find useful.

You can give Luminar 3 a FREE TRIAL by click the link.