Brighton Beach Shoot for Bone Clothing

Stepping out of comfort zones and challenging yourself is so important. As soon as you start to feel comfortable that's generally when your work starts to suffer. Personally I like taking landscape and floral photos, things that don't move and allow me to get 'comfortable'. Settings are a formality and almost second nature. 

This week I faced a new challenge a challenge involving a model, a seafront and the sun. Living by the beautiful resort of Brighton gives you all sorts of possibilities and the best settings for a photo shoot. On Monday a shoot was planned and the weather seemed perfect so with my bags packed it was time to head out. 

We had a plan, for a couple of fashion shoots using the sea, pier and anything else we could find to create a collection of photos for social media, adverts and portfolios. As a point this was stepping out of my comfort zone, but I knew I could work this. I don't use lighting only natural lighting but I hadn't expected it to be quite so bright and next time a reflector will be packed in my learn these things. 

Overall I think it went well and everyone was happy with the photos we'd taken and the looks we'd created. 

The model used was excellent and knew what to do and really didn't need me to tell him what to do. We both bounced ideas off each other some which worked and others that didn't but we weren't pressed for time so we had the freedom to try things. 

The overall plan for the photos was to create things that wouldn't date for a few years, things we could look back on and may be in a year or so reuse them. There are a few more Summery photos in the collection and again I don't think they will date from year to year. 

Client - BoneClothing

Model - Oliver Bone