Butlins - Part 2 Food Review

As some of you may have seen in the Easter holidays our little family headed off to Butlins in Bognor Regis for a break as part of our role as Butlins Ambassador. The review will be split down in to three separate parts, firstly accommodation, secondly food and last of all entertainment.

Now this is the second part which means it's time for my favourite subject...food!!

When we stayed at Butlins we went for the Bed, Breakfast & Dinner option. This basically means in the morning you get your breakfast in the hotel in the morning and dinner of an evening at your hotel or one of the many restaurants on site.

Breakfasts are served from 7am till 10.30am and it's a buffet system which for us is perfect. I love my full cooked breakfasts and the girls well they eat just about everything in sight. We would get down to breakfast at around 8am and in the 4 days we were there we never had to wait for a table (this may be different if you head down at 9am). The food was always well presented and the cooked food was never cold or empty. You really could have whatever you wanted, from fruit to cereals, pastry to cooked. The teas and toast was brought to your table by the always friendly staff.

We always ate well at breakfast so all we ever needed at lunch was a sandwich. Most of the time we'd get this from the Skyline Cafe which is right in the centre of the Skyline Pavilion which as you can imagine gets quite busy. We'd get two children's lunch boxes, two sandwiches and a couple of snacks and it would come to about £20 which on past experience is about right for lunch.  One day we had lunch at The Beachcomber Inn which to me is decorated perfectly. Honestly I just fell in love with this place, it's light and looks classy. I will warn you they don't serve lunch till  12pm which means it is then a mad rush to the bar to place your order but when it arrives it tastes so good. This again for sandwiches for us all and drinks came to about £20.

The Beachcomber Inn

My biggest tip with regards to dinner is book, book, BOOK! Everyone needs to eat dinner so you can imagine it gets booked very quickly, no matter what restaurant. Now of you book the Breakfast and dinner option you can either eat at your hotel or eat at another restaurant and the hotel will give you a voucher to get so much off your meals. You can also book other restaurants from the hotel reception desk.

During our stay we had dinner twice at The Shoreline, once at Papa John's and also at Turner's. Much like breakfast the dinner at the South Coast Restaurant in the Shoreline it's buffet which is good for me as I can eat till the cows come in...much like the steak topped with fish n chips I had on day one. They had a brilliant choice and catered for all diet types and had a separate area for the children. They had a whole host of things to chose from including starters and about 10 different puddings. The girls who are quite picky also found plenty to eat and they had a good selection of vegetables so it wasn't all junk food. We went back to the restaurant a few days later for dinner again and the selection was totally different so you could easily eat here all week without eating the same stuff over and over again.

For our second day we went to Papa John's (which you can't book) which is ideal for our family as Laura & Mia love pasta and me and Aly love pizza so what could be better than a Italian? Papa John's do menu food or a pizza buffet including pasta and salad which of course we went for. They really did every type of pizza from plain to meaty and some vegetarian options. Oh and the pudding was amazing. With our dinner voucher we actually only had to pay for the drinks which when you have three fruit juices and a tap water it really doesn't cost a lot.

Papa John's Chocolate Cheesecake

Our final dinner destination was Turner's, Brian Turner's own restaurant and as you would expect from a Michelin-starred chef it's decorated to perfection and the menu all sounds delicious. I went for the Turner’s Own Burger Steak with the Best Chips and Laura had Baked Salmon Fillet in Cream, White Wine & Local Cockles. Both the mains were good portion sizes which you don't always get at celebrity chef restaurants and as you'd expect very well presented. Again with out dinner voucher we ended up paying around £15 which for the mains, puddings and drinks I think it's very good value.

Sorry it's a long post but I wanted to try and describe how good I felt the food was at Butlins and not like some people's views of how it was 10 years ago.

This hotel stay was paid for by Butlins as part of our Butlins Ambassadors role, but all views and opinions expressed here was our own.