Butlins - Part 3 The Entertainment

As some of you may have seen in the Easter holidays our little family headed off to Butlins in Bognor Regis for a break as part of our role as Butlins Ambassador. The review will be split down in to three separate parts, firstly accommodation, secondly food and last of all entertainment.

So here is the final part from our break at Butlins and hopefully you've found it really useful, this part is about the entertainment and general activities on offer at Butlins.


When you check into your accommodation you will be given a 'What's On' guide and you will see that on everyday you have so much choice it's near impossible to fit it all in. This is where a bit of planning comes into play so you don't miss a show. Somehow we managed to miss a couple of shows but we pretty much got to see the one's they wanted.

A lot of the shows are performed on the SkyLine Stage which is in the middle of the SkyLine Pavilion. My tip for this is if you want a good viewing position get there early as it fills up every quickly. In front of the stage is an open floor space for the children to get up close with the acts and also sing, dance and jump about with the show and the Redcoats.

Thomas Show

Each of the shows really do interact very well it the children and not once did they get bored and would often be singing along or dancing with them. The shows with Mike The Knight and Thomas went down very well especially the Thomas show as they got to make a party lantern which focused their minds on something.


The other main stage at Butlins is called Centre Stage and that's where you'll see the evening music and other music and dance shows. At the Centre Stage we saw two completely different shows, the first was Elmo makes Music with all the other stars from Sesame Street which the girls loved...again get their early as it fills up quickly.


The second show was erm how do I say this...Rylan from XFactor.

365 15 3

Aside from the shows you also have the amazing Fairground and Aly enjoyed the Helter Skelter and both the girls enjoyed the Merry Go Round but a few of the other rides they were just a little bit small for but they will enjoy those next time I'm sure. If you do have smaller children they have a few smaller rides in the SkyLine Pavilion which Aly spent ages on.

Dotted around the resort you will also find a few outdoor play areas such as the one by the Shoreline hotel and one outside of The Beachcomber Inn both of which the girls spend ages in, back inside of the Pavilion you also have two soft play areas, one for children over 1m15cm (I think) and one for the smaller children and it is pretty big and the girls would easily fill and hour just playing in that.

If you have younger children take them to Billy's Buddies which is a little area designed for small children where there is a little soft area and music playing, they also do various messy play things in there too and again it's totally free.

One of the big draws is Splash Waterworld which as the name suggests is a swimming theme park. Like most pools it gets busy, very busy but it's worth it. The pools have so much going on from various slides to two swimming areas plus the added bonus of a water cannon and waves which Aly and Mia loved even if it did throw them about a bit. My tip for the swimming is wear your costume underneath so you can just take your day clothes off as the changing rooms and packed.

Without any shadow of a doubt you will enjoy your time at Butlins and you will find plenty to do and if you're children are anything like mine they will be sound asleep by 7.30.

I'm hoping I've covered everything and all the entertainment and activities I have mentioned are totally FREE and are included in your stay. If however you have run out of things to do you are a stones throw away from Bognor beach and unfortunately due to the weather we didn't get a chance to walk along it but it's something we will do next time.

This hotel stay was paid for by Butlins as part of our Butlins Ambassadors role, but all views and opinions expressed here was our own.