Butlins Shoreline Hotel Review

As some of you may have seen last week our little family headed off to Butlins in Bognor Regis for a break as part of our role as Butlins Ambassador. The review will be split down in to three separate parts, firstly accommodation, secondly food and last of all entertainment.

Butlins Shoreline Hotel Review

For our trip we'd decided on staying in the impressive looking Nelson's Stateroom which on the website looked amazing and we just hoped it lived up to our expectations.


On the day of arrival we'd got to Butlins a little bit early so headed off to have a look around but by 1pm we was informed that our room was ready and we could check in.

Our floor was on the 4th floor, which in this hotel is also the top floor but there was two lifts so getting up there was not a problem with the children and luggage.

When we got into the room the first thing that hits you is the massive floor to ceiling wall of windows and how light the room is. The children's room was bright and colourful with bunk beds in the room and a huge bathroom.

During our stay the hotel room really had everything we'd ever need for a week away, plenty of towels, a hair-dryer, iron and ironing board and a safe. There was even a couple of TVs and DVD players to keep the children entertained for those quiet times. (If you have a quiet moment) The huge king size bed was very comfortable and the girls seemed to enjoy sleeping in the bunk beds and there was extra pillows in the wardrobes if you required them. In the room you also  had plenty of storage space to hide away all your clothes as well as the suitcases. In the room you also had a perfectly sized mini fridge which is ideal for storing milk, you'd easily get 4-5 bottles of water and some milk in there without any trouble.

One of the brilliant little touches that they add is once housekeeping have been is the epic and clever towel animals.

Animal Shapes

Every afternoon when we'd return we'd find a new towel animal greeting us and these little touches really made the difference.

Every morning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant which always had lots of chose from whether you wanted a cooked breakfast, cereal, fruit or just some pastry they had it all. Every morning we was down for breakfast at about 8am and we never had to wait for a table. I will expand on this in the food section of my reviews.

The front of the hotel was always well presented and the front of house staff always willing to help.

A few tips to help with your stay. When you first check in is to book your evening meal straight away as by the time we got there on the Monday the only available times left were 4.45pm or 7.15pm. The second tip is you can book other restaurants from the hotel reception which makes things a lot easier.

You do get a few added benefits of staying at the hotel such as Arts & Crafts with Billy Bear and Storytime with Billy. The real winner is the putting Billy Bear to bed and reading him a night time story which the children love doing the one problem with it is the time in which it's done. It starts at 8.30pm and Aly didn't get back to our hotel room till 9.15pm which I think for a 5 year old is much too late and think moving it forward an hour won't do any harm at all. But that is a very small thing and isn't a problem if you do it just a few times a week.

Storytime Billy copy

All in all this was one of the best hotels we've stayed in and would not have any problem in recommending this hotel to anyone.

This hotel stay was paid for by Butlins as part of our Butlins Ambassadors role, but all views and opinions expressed here was our own.