Calumet 7100 Tripod | Review

Let me start with a few of the stats about this tripod before we go any further. This is a £55, yes that's the legs and head. Other famous brands couldn't ever get near that price. 

With everything in life you get what you pay for, a £250,000 car is generally going to be faster, more luxurious than a £5,000. Take on board the price and not be let down. 

Introducing the Calumet 7100 Tripod, a three-way quick release tripod with a three-way pan and tilt head. 

This tripod weights in at 4kg and is about 50cm long when folded down. In real terms, this means it's easy to carry and it isn't a strain. I've attached this to my hiking bag and found no problems carry it for half a day. It's certainly lighter and smaller than the one I was using. 

You've got three quick release leg locks to allow for different heights and then fully set up measures about 150cm which for me is around eye level. I would have liked it to go just a little bit taller but I'm trying to pick holes there. 

The legs have foam padding to them so when carrying it makes it slightly more comfortable. 

The maximum weight for this tripod is 2kg and I used it mainly with my Nikon D610 and 24 - 85mm which comes in at around 1.4kg. Unless you're using a big full frame camera and heavy lens this maximum weight should be fine. 

The head on this features a quick release every tripod should, and can be tilted and panned. One nice feature is the centre column can be switched so that you shoot much lower down if required. 

This might not be the tripod for you if you are looking for one to take to the top of a mountain or a seascape where the wind is quite strong. 

I've used this is pouring rain, on a muddy path and a grassy meadow and it perfected perfectly. Like I said at the beginning this is £55, don't expect it to perfect at A+ £300 tripod standards, this will be perfect for people starting out, perfect for bloggers and someone looking for a tripod for flat lays etc.

I have no issue recommending this and I think anyone who buys this will be pleasantly surprised with what it can do.  

If you fancy buying a Calumet 7100 Tripod head over to their website. 

I was sent this tripod for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.