Camping in the 'Wild' #50Things #CountryKids

Some of you may have seen the National Trust have launched a new campaign called ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4‘ which as it sounds is a list of things that children should try before they reach the age of 11 3/4 and I was prompted by the amazing TheBoyandMe who has been smashing through the list. We haven't been so successful but last weekend we did manage to go camping in the 'wild'...I say that very loosely. The intentions we're there, we had the tent and it was pitched but it didn't go according to the plan.


The girls had been on and on about it so I thought what the heck and by the way when I say wild I mean our back garden, but remember my girls are 2 and 5 so at this stage that was as wild as it's going to get.

We'd put the tent together which actually only took about 5mins which is ideal and although small it was fine for the 4 of us. It was all comfy and they had their favourite soft toys and we were all ready to sleep under the stars.


Now my little lamb Mia well she lasted till about 8pm before deciding this wasn't for her and she's rather sleep in her comfy bed.

Aly on the other hand lasted until 9.30 when she heard an almighty cat fight and would rather sleep in her bed.


We will no doubt revisit this but for now I'm counting this as Camping in the Wild.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Adventurer Discovery Ranger
1. Climb a Tree 11. Go on a Really Long Bike Ride 21. Pick Blackberries Growing in the Wild
2. Roll Down a Really Big Hill 12. Make a Trail with Sticks 22. Explore inside a Tree
3. Camp Out in the Wild 13 . Make a Mud Pie 23. Visit a Farm
4. Build a Den 14. Dam a Stream 24. Go on a Walk Barefoot
5. Skim a Stone 15. Play in the Snow 25. Make a Grass Trumpet
6. Run Around in the Rain 16. Make a Daisy Chain 26. Hunt for Fossils and Bones
7. Fly a Kite 17. Set up a Snail Race 27. Go Star Gazing
8. Catch a Fish with a Net 18. Create some Wild Art 28. Climb a Huge Hill
9. Eat an Apple Straight from a Tree 19. Play Pooh Sticks 29. Explore a Cave
10. Play Conkers 20. Jump Over Waves 30. Hold a Scary Beast
Tracker Explorer
31. Hunt for Bugs 41. Plant it, Grow it, Eat it
32. Find Some Frogspawn 42. Go Swimming in the Sea
33. Catch a Falling Leaf 43. Build a Raft
34. Track Wild Animals 44. Go Bird Watching
35. Discover what's in a Pond 45. Find your way with a Map and Compass
36. Make a Home for a Wild Animal 46. Try Rock Climbing
37. Check out the Crazy Creatures in a Rockpool 47. Cook on a Campfire
38. Bring up a Butterfly 48. Learn to Ride a Horse
39. Catch a Crab 49. Find a Geocache
40. Go on a Nature Walk at Night 50. Canoe down a River