Capturing The Shard | Photography Project

One of my favourite things to do during spring and summer is just to walk around London and take photos, capturing things I hadn't seen before or just trying a different angle of a building.

This got me thinking about a photography project that you can join in with and it might even keep the children entertained and you'll get to see different parts of London. 

One of the most iconic buildings in London is The Shard, standing tall against the skyline and we all love to take photos of it. But it's easy to stand at the bottom look up and snap away...and there's nothing wrong with this. 

The beautiful of The Shard is that it is visible from all different parts of London, and while exploring and working out different vantage points you get to see some wonderful sights. Just around the corner while exploring Borough Market you can use different foreground buildings and features. 

Hanging baskets on the side of buildings or using the station building with it's glass feature to make a striking image. 

Once you step away from the nearby area you have the perfect opportunity to walk along the river banks east towards City Hall and Tower Bridge and if you look back on yourself you can get some wonderful views. Again try to add a foreground interest just to create a more striking image. 

Whilst going about your day exploring London and walking on the other side of the river you might find yourself looking for different things to add an interest to a photo of the building. Using statues, flowers or whatever else takes your fancy. 

The list is pretty endless so we'll give you a few samples of photos I've taken using The Shard as my subject even if it's not always obvious.