Catching Up on Netflix Over Easter

With the endless mountains of chocolate and trying to entertain the children over Easter then evenings have been about me and Mrs OD3G relaxing in front of Netflix and catching up on some shows. At the moment on Netflix we've been catching up on programmes that we missed when they were originally on TV. Our problem is that once we start watching a series we tend to get hooked and watch them as quickly as possible.


Sherlock is the first series that we watched which stars the brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and the equally brilliant Martin Freeman as Watson. On Netflix you can watch all 3 series which we seemed to watch all in one week and loved them.

We seem to have developed a love of binge watching various series and to fill the void before Orange is the New Black returns...which is rumoured to return in June woohoo!!


Another show that we have been watching is The Office US. We loved the UK version but never watched this when it was on so this has been a great treat to us and we are currently watching a couple of episodes a night and so far have got up to series 4. On


you can watch all 9 series and if you're anything like us you'll want to watch one after the other.

What have you been watching this Easter?

Netflix Stream Team