#MySundayPhoto - B&W

This week's photo comes from a film that I had developed this past week. It's taken using an Olympus OM1 which is probably older than me. This photo hasn't been edited just cropped to square. I am quite pleased with the way it has come out.


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The awesome people at PhotoBox have joined in and are offering a 60 x 40cm Classic Canvas as a prize each month until the end of July. I will pick a winner at the end of the month.

photobox canvas
The winning photo might not be from the person who took the most amazing photo but perhaps it will be a photo that tells a beautiful story, or a photo that brightened up the day.

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#MySundayPhoto - 2nd March


Today's #MySundayPhoto is of Aly creating a very special card. The card she has made is for her great grandad who is currently in hospital. Today she will be visiting him and seeing him for the first time in about 6 weeks which is a long time as when he was home she'd see him 3 - 4 times a week.

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#SocialPix - 24th October

It's almost the weekend...anything fun planned? This week's photo is of a sticker that Aly got on her last day of term.


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#SocialPix will be running from Thursday evening until Sunday evening, every weekend to give people the chance to share their favourite image(s) of the week from their Social Media channels and blogs. And that’s images – it doesn’t have to be a photo…

Simply pop to the #SocialPix linky over here on OneDad3Girls to add the url of your favourite image. The images you link up do not have to be your own, simply an image that you have seen , shared or loved in the past week (it doesn’t matter how long ago the image itself was taken)