Heaven Farm Bluebell Walk

If you follow me on Instagram (@Photalife) you'll have noticed that I have posted a fair few bluebell photos plus I also wrote a blog post the other day with some tips on taking bluebell photos

The reason for the mass of bluebells is that last weekend we visited a local place called Heaven Farm. It's a hidden gem that even local people don't know about. It's a wooden area with the most amazing bluebells, I've never seen so many. 


Before we enjoyed the walk we stopped off for a little cup of tea and cake in the small cafe to fuel us for the walk. Even though the weather wasn't perfect it didn't put us off and meant it wan't too busy. 

So here in full is the photos that I took during the walk, sorry for being so photo heavy. 


The whole place was full of beautiful untouched bluebells. It might just be me but there seems to be a lot more of them around the countryside this year compared to last...or may be it's just me searching them out. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Easter Egg Hunt at Alfriston Clergy House

When Easter rolls around we try and visit a National Trust property to take part in one of their Easter Egg Hunts. Last year we happened to be in Cornwall so we visited Lanhydrock and enjoy a lovely walk around the gardens while looking for Easter bunnies. 

This time we decided to visit somewhere we'd never been before which was Alfriston Clergy House and a little fact I'd learnt afterwards which is Alfriston Clergy House was the first building saved by the National Trust in 1896.

The house is set by a beautiful open green which would be perfect for a picnic in the Summer. The Easter egg hunt costs £1.50 per child and on this occasion it was a case of looking around the garden and writing down the names of the bunny rabbits that you find. 

The rabbits are dotted around the whole garden so you do actually get to see the whole garden rather than the children running off and you missing the best parts. 

At this time of year they had a few things growing but I imagine in a months time the garden will be full of colour and it will be well worth a visit back for us. 

Both the girls enjoyed it and they received a Cadbury's Easter bunny at the end which really didn't last that long. 

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Winter Walk at Sheffield Park

Last weekend when the weather was beautiful Mia and I headed off for a little walk around Sheffield Park. No one else wanted to come with us so we both headed off to our local National Trust property. 

The weather was a perfect Winter's Day, the sun was out and it was chilly so we thought this was perfect for a walk around the gardens. 

The gardens have these beautiful paths weaving their way through the gorgeous grounds and allowing you to take in the views and admire the ponds too. 

Mia seemed to enjoy it ask overtime we came to a pretty area she'd stop and ask if we would take a photo. 

Along the paths and around the ponds there are several perfect spots to have a sit down and just admire the view. The photos above and just below were taken while Mia and myself were sat in a little wooden hut. The sun was giving everything a glow and you could be mistaken for thinking it was Summer. 

If you've never visited a National Trust property then with Easter approaching it's the perfect time. Lot's of them around the country will be hosting special Easter Egg hunts and they are lots of fun. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Hidden Castle

This weekend we visited a local National Trust property which had a beautiful garden to explore. The girls weren't so keen until Aly saw all the Autumn colours and then she declared that Autumn is her favourite season. 

Amongst all the plants and trees was this strange looking plant which had the biggest leaves we had ever seen. Anyone any ideas as to what it's called? 

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Our Day Out at Sheffield Park

Bank Holiday seems like ages ago but it was only last week...the week's weather was rubbish except for the Monday so we decided that that was the day for us to head out to a new National Trust place. The one we visited this time was one that is only 10 minutes down the road but a place we'd never visited before...Sheffield Park. 

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The Gardens of Standen House

We're trying to make it our aim to visit various National Trust places every weekend and so far so good. We've been to Bodiam Castle, Lanhydrock and last weekend we visited Standen House and Gardens which is set in the beautiful Sussex countryside.  Seeing as it's only about 25 minutes down the road it seemed like the perfect place to go to for a little picnic and admire the gardens. 

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