Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Professional Photographer

If you are considering becoming a professional photographer, you might have come here looking for some advice on how you can make this happen. There are many paths that you can take, and many things that you need to know, but luckily for you we are going to be talking about some of them in this article. As such, if you are looking for some information about all the things that you need to know, you have come to the right place! So, keep reading to find out more.

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Joshua | 50mm 1.8 Portrait Photography

We all have that favourite portrait lens, and I’m sure we will dream of that lens that will take our photography to the next level. I’ve always dreamed of a 35mm 1.4 for portraits which I’m trying to save my pennies for. I know a lot of photographers prefer an 85mm but for me, it’s just a little too close and I prefer to capture a bit more of surrounds to tell the story.

For the time being, I’m using what I have and that is currently a 50mm 1.8 but the one I have is a brand out of China that is as light as a feather, not weather-sealed and it seems made from plastic. It doesn’t fill me confidence.

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Using a Lensball for Photography

Every so often photography goes through a phrase of different things that are popular. Some last a while and others fade as quickly as they came.

One of these is the use of a lensball, they have been around for the best part of a year and if used correctly that can create some effective photos. The norm is for the photographer…or assistant to hold the globe in front of the subject and snap the photo.

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