#CountryKids - Eden Project

Now some of you may be aware that in February half term we went and stayed at the brilliant Coombe Mill and for the next few Country Kids I will be writing about the various days out we went on just in case some of you plan on visiting them shortly. The first place we'll feature is The Eden Project which I'm sure 90% of people have heard of for those of you that haven't this is what the website says

The Eden Project is an exciting attraction where you can explore your relationship with nature, learn new things and get inspiration about the world around you.

I've always wanted to visit The Eden Project and there was no way we was going to miss this one out while in Cornwall. The brilliant thing is it's only a 30 minute drive from Coombe Mill so you can still do the feed run in the morning and still get there before lunch.

Eden Project

When you first get to Eden and go through the entrance you are greeted by the wonderful Biome's that really are very impressive and they seem a lot larger than you'd imagine.

To get to the Biomes you walk thought some little gardens that in the Spring and Summer time would look very impressive but for us they just had labels saying what will be there in the future so a little disappointing.

When you get to the Biomes you have the choice of either the Rainforest or Mediterranean and we decided on the Mediterranean Biome which features various plants and fruit from Spain, South Africa and California and it also includes various bits of art.

Med Biome

And this for me was interesting however the girls seemed pretty bored. DSC_0105

After playing in this African straw hut it was time to head to the Rainforest Biome.

The first thing you notice is how hot it is in there, normally there is a cool off hut but this wasn't open for use, another tip is DO NOT USE YOUR DSLR, it's so hot and humid the lense will steam up. Use a mobile phone instead.

In the Rainforest Biome there's a lot more things for the children to look at as well as a stunning waterfall.

They seemed to be a lot of work in this Biome and due to this you couldn't get right up to the top and closer to the waterfall which was a shame.

If you're going there expecting lots of things for the children to do you may be disappointed. My two girls are 5 and 2 and honestly didn't enjoy it that much. This cost us £51.50 to get in and would have been more but under 3's get in free and we only spent may be 4 hours in there at the most and that included lunch.

The shops are brilliant and you could get so much in there at a price.

May be we went at the wrong time of year when they are changing various things but I would have liked them to teach you more about becoming green and things you could do at home to help the environment.

I think in the future the girls would enjoy it but they'd have to be 10 years + I would say.

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