#Countrykids Sorry More Snow

image I'm sorry but once again my Country Kids involves snow and lots of it.

This past 8-9 days we've been covered with snow and only now has it gone but the girls loved playing in the snow and seeing what adventures we could get up to.

We tried snow painting which kind of worked but it was totally successful, but to be honest I wasn't sure what results we wanted but we were the only garden that had blue snow so I guess that was fun. Note to self buy lots of food colouring.

We also attempted to make giant ice marbles but they never seemed to freeze even after a couple of days and then Mia decided to wack one of them and ride over them in the sledge and they burst so it wasn't the outcome I was expecting. Once again note to self buy lots of food colouring.


Once we'd used all the snow up in our garden we headed to Nana and Pop Pops to destroy make a snowman and this was the most successful outcome with Mummy's artistic flair and Aly's hat, scarf and gloves. Even with their noses running and watery eyes the girls loved themselves.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall