Introducing my girls to DC Super Heros + Competition

Aly is at that age now where she's moved on from the childish TV programme and wants to watch more grown up shows. She's started to take an interest in things that involve Super Heros, at the moment I've resisted the urge to show her Batman and Superman but it won't be long till we sit down and watch that together. 

In the mornings both of my girls while eating their breakfast have their heads stuck in YouTube and in amongst the endless Surprise Egg shows that they watch they have both found a love for the new DC Super Hero Girls cartoon.

The show is ideal if you want to let your children watch some action-packed girl power. This is DC Entertainment’s latest animated series which features a group of Super Heros on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. Aly loves how fun, energetic, strong and fearless they all are.

Mia on the other hand just likes BatGirl and has in the past actually gone to school dressed as Batgirl. 

I've added the YouTube playlist so you can have a watch. My girls are hardly watching any TV at the moment and seem to watch everything on YouTube these day, I'm not quite sure how'd they react if the Internet went down for a few hours. 

As a special treat there is also a competition where you can win £100 VISA Gift Card for the new DC Super Hero Girls show on Youtube. 

For more details visit the DC Super Heros Girls website