Designing My Office

Just recently I have upgraded and refurbished my office area, from the flooring to the paintwork and most of the electrics too. Trust me it really needed fact I don’t think it had ever been done since I moved it. The plan was to make it feel light and airy and also to save money in the long run.

Everyone seemed to have an idea of what was needed and the best things to buy but of course everything they suggested cost a fortune so I shopped around and from the perfect desk, the most comfortable chair and so on. My yearly budget took a complete hit but never mind it looks good.

Someone suggested to me that I should swap all my light bulbs to LED. Now at this point I had no idea what they meant and the last time I came across LED bulbs was back in school when you had to make little circuit boards in technology so a quick search came up with LED lights explained.

The first part told me everything I really needed to know ‘LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs’ bingo that’s a winner straight away. Not only do they use 90% less energy but they should also last for about 15 or more years.

As I said my budget was already taking a real hit and light with everything else I need to shop around and I'm no expert on light bulbs. What do you get, what suits the room best...heck I haven’t got a clue. After a quick search I came across WhichLEDLight who are the UK’s #1 Price Comparison Site for LED Bulbs.

It’s so simple let them know what type of fitting, what type of product and there you have all different types of bulbs. You can filter it to the colour temperature, the wattage you require and so on. I personally have the cool white lights but that’s just personal choice. Select the bulb you’d like and it gives you the various different prices from retailers.

You go to comparison sites for insurance so why not for light bulbs?

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