Don't Forget Mother's Day

When you become a parent you learn something very important. This isn’t how to change a nappy, how to change a baby...nope this is something much more important, you learn never to forget Mother’s Day.

I learnt very quickly that these are the things you now need to remember and if you don’t you’ll never live it down. It the early days when Aly was a baby I may have made a slight mistake in not giving it my full attention.

Scroll forward 8 years and now it is the aim of the girls and myself to make sure that Mother’s Day goes smoothly. Last year there was breakfast in bed and handmade cards, the year before there was handmade gifts and this year we’re going all out with Mother’s day presents.

There may well be a couple of weeks to go before the big day but so far we’ve given flowers, a homemade meal and they’ll also be a family meal out.

So far so good but there also needs to be something special on the actual day otherwise all this work will be for nothing.

With a little helping hand from Tesco they have created a whole Mother’s Day section full of brilliant gift ideas so you have no reason not to find something. Past experiences tell me that things that are personal and are handmade go down well. Why not made a card with the children or bake a cake. Everyone loves cake.

What have you got planned for Mother’s Day and don’t forget it’s on Sunday 6th March.