Dressing in Style with Lilly + Sid

fashion Children are so different from each other even children from the same parents. At times my girls are so alike but when it comes to clothing Aly has no interest. She will wear dresses but she's equally happy in jeans and a t shirt. Mia on the other hand would live in dresses if she could and loves going shopping for clothes.

Last week the lovely people at Lilly + Sid asked if they could send a dress each for the girls to try and straight away Mia was very very excited. She seems to enjoy getting new dresses rather than toys. For Mia we got sent the Panto Print Tunic Dress.

Lilly + Sid Dresses

I think she models it well. A beautiful long sleeve dress that is perfect for the Summer/Autumn time when you get chilly arms. The colours of it are also perfect for Winter with a pair of tights on underneath. It also has a couple of pockets on the front for essential items that a girl needs such as little dollies, lip gloss and the odd bit of chocolate.

This dress is available from Lilly + Sid for £24

Aly was sent the Circle Insert Dress


This is such a beautiful dress and suits Aly really well. It's quite a long dress that is ideal for Autumn and Winter and is probably a little too heavy for Summer. Both of these dresses are made from really soft cotton.

This dress is availbale from Lilly + Sid for £33.

We were sent these dress for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.