Easter Photo Inspiration

There are a few things when it comes to photography that I'd like to improve on and one of those it the styling of photos. What do I mean by this? 

It's the photos that get uploaded to Instagram and shared across my social media. I've been working really hard in thinking about the way I display these, the way I lay them out and I like to think they are getting better. 

In the lead up to Easter I'd decided I would create various different photos to use in the lead up to the day and I also thought other people may like to use them if they're writing a blog post. 

I tried to keep it simple so after a trip to Hobby Craft where we bought the little rabbit baskets, some fabric and of course some mini eggs. 

Our house doesn't get much natural light so I have to pick when I take these photos and I often have to take a batch of them all in one go. These are all taken in our living room as we have a window that takes up the whole wall. 

The backgrounds that you see are from a big book of backgrounds that was also bought from HobbyCraft for about £12. 

All of these photos are available to download for free and use for free just visit Unsplash and view my Easter Collection

Let me know if you like the style of these and also let me know in the comments if you enjoy and would like to see more photo inspiration posts.