Elveden Forest - The Photo Collection

This post is a little follow on from the post a few weeks back - PHOTOS FROM OUR STAY AT CENTER PARCS

This time it’s a focus on Elveden Forest, the location of the Center Parcs that we visited for our family holiday this year. For a little background, the site covers over 400 acres of gorgeous Suffolk woodland. As you’d expect you feel like you’re deep in the forest and everywhere you look are trees. Just being surrounded by the trees makes you feel better, happier and more relaxed.

Being surrounded by trees is pure bliss and if like me you enjoy woodland photography then it is the perfect place to holiday. Every footpath looks picture perfect and it’s easy to just spend the time taking these photos but I found the real gems in the morning.

Before breakfast and whilst others were just waking I decided to go for a walk around the edge of the woodlands. It was empty apart from a few people walking dogs or jogging. The sunlight wasn’t too harsh just adding a little glow to the leaves.


For me this was a family holiday, it wasn’t the intention to grab photos using my main camera. There was a morning or two where I took it out for a walk but mostly these photos were all taken on my phone. If honest I don’t think most people would notice and more to the point actually care.

They won’t win any awards but they sum up and capture the moment perfectly.

Towards the centre of the property is a wonderful lake, where the boats sail, surfing and other watersports take place. On certain parts of the lake they have these plastic walkways that are only open during the day and as you’d expect are full of people but if you wonder down there after dinner it’s closed and more importantly empty.

After one meal my wife and I went for a little walk, this was just after a little rain so the sky had a little texture to it and the sun was hidden by clouds. These two following photos might be my favourites just because they’re a little different and others might not have made the effort to take them.