Enjoying the Fresh Air

Sometimes you forget just how lucky you are. You forget that where you live is beautiful and that there are far worse places in the World to be. Just down the road from us we have a small but beautiful area of woodland  and while Aly was working on her homework (making a cave and iron age house) me and Mia went for a little walk. 

It was such a beautiful day we just went for a walk.  To make it a little bit more enjoyable we took a little bucket with in the hope we'd find various different things and we also needed to collect some small sticks for Aly's project. 

It was lovely to get to spend some time with Mia and pretty much the whole time she was giggling and laughing which was such a nice sound. We found a few different leaves on our travels and a few furry things which she put in her bucket to show Aly when we got home.  

I'm hoping this nice sunny weather lasts for a little longer and we can enjoy more walks in the woods. Of course we will be heading to the local works when it rains a little so we can enjoy some muddy walks and splashing in some puddles. But you can't beat a beautiful sky like this one.