The Feed Run - CountryKids

This week's Country Kids is from the host...Coombe Mill. Last week we spent the week in Cornwall and enjoyed everything that Coombe Mill has to offer and for that reason The Feed Run is our Country Kids post. Coombe Mill

I'm sure most are aware of what happens at Coombe Mill but for those of you that don't here goes...every morning Farmer Nick and Farmer Fiona arrive at 9am to collect their little helpers and everyone goes off to feed the animals and in some cases move the animals.


During the course of the week the children also get a chance to drive the tractor. Last year Mia was too young and Aly simply didn't want to but this year was a different story...from the very first day their hands both shot up and by the end of the week they had both driven the tractor.

Tractor Driving

The girls were more than keen to get in with the animals and Mia loved trying to find the eggs in with the chickens and ducks. Aly on the other hand was trying to cuddle the piggies when it was feeding time which they didn't seem to keen on.



My favourite part was the deer, they don't seem scared of all the children and are just so graceful. Once the girls loved getting in with them and making their little food piles. When it came to moving the baby goats they were straight there trying to help out and it was so good to see them being all hands on and not hiding in the background.


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