First World Problems

Ah the New Year, that time of the year when even the smallest first world problems feel like everything is going against you. is a mobile tyre fitting company who pride themselves on solving one of our first World problems the flat tyre. They go to the drivers to replace their tyres wherever they happen to be.

Based on the infographic below I have been challenged to try and give up moaning for a week and to see how it goes. 

Now do I moan? Well maybe not quite as much as I thought. A couple of my moans over the week were pretty close with the graphic. Over the weekend we planned on watching the Hunger Games films so loaded up Netflix only to find that they have just the 3rd film and not the first 2.  After thinking about it we thought not the end of the World as the In-Laws had the boxset so we just went across the road to grab it. 

My biggest moan on the week which seemed to happen everyday was when it came to tidying up before bed. The girls didn't fancy this so I moaned about it and then they moaned about it and my wife said just don't worry about it as they'll get the stuff out again in the morning and it's not like anyone will see it. 

When it comes to tea I like it quite strong and with two spoons of sugar so when someone gave me a cuppa with out said sugar I was about to moan and changed my mind and instead just put some more sugar in it. Problem sorted. 

Looking back it seems I don't moan as much as I thought. May be it was a good week and I didn't have any WiFi issues...this usually really winds me up but within 5 minutes its sorted. No panicking over which flower to post on Instagram it was all smooth sailing. I bet that's not the case for this coming week now I've said that. 

This is a collaborative post.