How Does Your Garden Grow?

Finally things are growing in the garden and colour is starting to appear and brighten up the whole World. This week we haven't changed or planted much. The grass got a little cut which always makes things look better. Before it was cut the girls came across this sunshine yellow buttercup hidden in with the daisies. IMG_20140329_130254

Last week we mentioned the fact we planned on planting a couple of hanging baskets and after picking up a tray of violas for a couple of pound that's exactly what we did. They have added a great burst of colour and will be easy to maintain and once they've developed a bit more they'll look great in the summer sun.


Last week we also planted some tulips on the patio in the hope that it will brighten the place up and on Mother's Day they made their first appearance and they look very pretty.


And as it was also Mother's Day we had a new visitor to our garden in the form of a micro pig garden ornament for Mummy.


What have you been up to in the garden this week?