Get Growing In The Garden

It's no secret that when it comes to gardening the girls love to give a helping hand. So far we've planted most of our vegetables and now it's the turn of our sunflowers. This year we'd been asked to take part in a sunflower growing competition so the girls were very keen to take part and I'd told them this would be our Bank Holiday weekend task.


For taking part in the competition we have been supplied with a fantastic set of gardening tools, 5 pots and also 5 sunflower seeds.


Luckily Aly it an expert planter. The first job is to put some compost into the pots leaving a little gap at the top. Then using your finger make a little hole to pop the seed into.


The final part for us was to put them into out mini greenhouse on a water tray. The pots got a good drink of water and then we soaked the water tray so that they can have a drink as and when they need it.

The plan for them now is to leave them in here until they are about 6inches tall and then we'll move them to the garden where they will hopefully grow big and tall.

Have you ever grown sunflowers?...and little tips you'd like to share?