Great Little Trading Company Showroom Visit

As a family we are very lucky to be part of the brilliant Great Little Trading Company testing team. This allows us and the children to try new products and also be part of a welcoming team. 

GLTC have always been a purely catalogue brand and for years have had a vision and a dream of opening a physical showroom a place where people could touch and feel the items. This dream is now becoming reality and their first showroom is opening up in London. 


As part of their testing team we had the opportunity to visit the showroom before it was actually open to the public. The showroom really is something of beauty and it's been set out as a relaxing environment that feels very homely, the sort of place where you could happily wander round at your own pace. 

GLTC really make high quality items, things that you know will stand the test of time. We've featured a few items on this blog in the past and long after we've lived with them we are still happy with them. 

This is the perfect shopping destination, the showroom is set up in various different room layouts that flow freely and naturally. Beds are built and made, toys and decorations in easy reach to really feel their quality. 

It was a real pleasure to be invited to view and enjoy the the showroom. It was also so nice to see and meet the team behind Great Little Trading Company and you could see and hear the passion they have. 

Also at the event was the other testing team, and it was good to get to see Kerri-Ann from Life As Our Little Family and Aly really got on well with her Lil G. Kerri-Ann snapped this beautiful photo of the two of them reading together in the cute tent.