Happy Birthday Aly

Today's the day...my baby girl turns 7. I've no idea where that time has gone, it doesn't feel like 7 years ago that we were awaiting the arrival of our little girl. She made us wait a couple of extra weeks but it was worth it. A Few Hours Old2

This is Aly when she is about 2 hours old, this was without doubt love at first sight. The first few month were tough but we coped and too be honest you soon forget the lack of sleep and remember the good times.

On floor with ball2

This is Aly on her 1st birthday and what a cutie she was and still is. Whatever has been thrown at her she has dealt with and I'm sure most parents say  this but she is such a good girl. We have our moments but that is often just because me and her are so alike. There is not a moment of the day that I don't think about her.


This is one of my favourite photos, a cheeky little face. This was before Mia was born when it was just the 3 of us.

aly funny

Another natural photo, this was a few months before Mia was born. We asked Aly if she remembers the time when Mia wasn't born and she said she doesn't.


This is one of my favourite photos of the girls and since Mia was born they have been close. They have of course had moments but on the whole these two often seem the best of friends. I just hope it always stays that way.

aly on swing bw

At the age of 7 Aly is already smarter than me, and whenever we go and see her teachers we leave with a massive sense of pride. There isn't a day that goes past where she doesn't amaze me.

Dear Aly,

Since the first moment I set eyes on you I knew it was love. There isn't a moment when I'm not proud of you. I will always be there for with you. If things are bad I will help you through them, if you want a cuddle I am there. No matter what you need mummy and me will always be there for you. You are growing into a brilliant girl but you will always be our baby.

And always remember that we love you lots.

Happy birthday and I hope you have a brilliant day.


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