Happy Birthday Mia

4 Years ago today you my little Mia came into the World like a whirlwind. Unlike your sister who was trying to stay in mummy's tummy for as long as possible, you on the other hand seemed you couldn't wait to see us all. 71666_10150284220785512_778630511_15532996_575217_n

Just look at that beautiful baby, in this photo you would have only been a few hours old. For all of us it was love at first sight. Aly couldn't wait to see her baby sister.

TogetherLike all sisters you have fallings out but you are both so close and me and mummy are so proud of you both. You two are our biggest achivements and you are both developing in to little stars.

You will always be the youngest of the family and be our baby girl no matter how old you are. In many ways you are very similiar to Aly but you are also so individual, the little expressions you come out with always makes us laugh.

The Gallery Expressions

This next year that we are about to go through will be a big one for you, within the next year you will have started Primary school which is scary as it means that our baby girls are both growing up.

Always remember that Mummy and Daddy will never let anything bad happen and that the four of us will always be holding hands.


Happy Birthday Mia