Having Photos Shared

Why do I take photos? Several reasons, I take them to remember a certain time a certain event in our lives as a family. Often these photos don't get shared publicly, these are the ones just for family and friends. 

The other reason I take photos is because I like to create things and I enjoy sharing these ones, they may be floral photos or landscapes that have caught my eye. 

When it comes to people sharing or using my photos then I am pretty open and can't really remember an occasion when I said no. 

My favourite photographer in the World is Trey Ratcliff and you can find his blog at StuckinCustoms and what I learnt from him is the philosophy that art is should be seen and not hidden away. I create these photos to hopefully provide inspiration and for people all around the World to view and enjoy them. 

This means I am happy for people to use my photos providing they credit me back and aren't used for commercial purposes and in that case permission and a fee is required. 

In the past month two of my photos have been shared on Instagram by some pretty big accounts and of course both times they credited and asked permission. 

The first photo was taken at Brighton Train Station. 

This second one was shared on the Canon Instagram page which is huge and I was amazed when they actually got in touch and asked if they could use it. 

I'm hoping that this could lead to more opportunities and more people discovering my photos.