Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

This year I’ve made it a my aim to eat better more specifically at lunchtime. When I’m in my office I tend to be sitting there most of the day and that includes for my lunch too. The habit has been to snack during the day and a plain boring sandwich so I’m trying to improve this. 

I’ve changed my lunches so I always have fresh fruit nearby and also a yogurt to enjoy and my sandwiches are more filling to help with the snacking issue. 

Flora got in touch with me to help me out and suggested I have a look at their easy lunchbox recipes and give one of them a go. The one that grabbed my fancy was the Ploughmans Sandwich. 

Filling and who doesn’t like a Ploughmans sandwich? Why this one…well time in the morning is important so it needs to be quick and easy to make. 


    •    4 slices Warburtons seeded bread

    •    1 tablespoon pickle

    •    2 slices ham

    •    2 Thick slices cheddar cheese

    •    1 apple, cored and sliced

    •    15 g lettuce leaves

    •    15 g Flora Gold

Simply spread the Flora on the bread and then in it goes. The thicker the ham and cheese the better. Not only has this now become my favourite sandwich for when I’m in the office but it’s also perfect if I have a shoot during the day as it’s filling and keeps me going. 

This simple to make yummy sandwich won’t disappoint. 

What’s your favourite healthy lunch?